LAHORE-Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan has wished Pakistani superstar Iffat Omar best of luck, as she is all set to launch her digital talk show titled ‘Say it all with Iffat Omar’.

“Assalam o Alaikum, Iffat Omar. I wish you a lot of love and happiness for your future projects. I wish you success in whatever you do,” said Shahrukh Khan in a video shout-out shared on Iffat’s Instagram.

When asked about what the viewers should expect from the talk show, Omar explained, “It will be covering various subjects including personal, cultural, local and global information. My focus is to make it as interesting as possible for my viewers.”

She further added: “The content will be different from what is currently available in the country. My talk show will feature everyone’s favorite superstars as guests answering a variety of personal questions, playing games and generally interacting as they have never done before. Pure entertainment is what the viewers should expect from this project.”

Seeking to revolutionize the digital media landscape in Pakistan, in ‘Say It All with Iffat Omar’, the actress hopes to provide a safe platform for all celebrities. Staying true to her signature bold and daring style, Omar encourages all her guests to speak their mind without any fear of repercussions.

The episodes for the talk show will be released on the senior Pakistani journalist Najam Sethi’s Youtube channel. Sethi’s channel has managed to gain more than 50,000 subscribers, attract 4,615,595 eyeballs, and draw in 60 percent international traffic within a period of three months since launch.

“We will be releasing the first episode of ‘Say It with Iffat Omar’ on my mother’s birthday in loving memory of her,” adds Omar.

The talk show will officially be launched on 12th August 2019.