The Nato attack on our land on last Saturday was a false show of arrogance and pride. The said onslaught on Silala check post martyred 24 army personnel and this heinous act has been condemned by many countries including China. By all reckoning the relations between the US and Pakistan have taken a chilling dip after the barbarous adventurism by Uncle Sam. No doubt, our government has responded in an apt way by bringing the Nato supplies to a grinding halt and by asking the Americans to vacate the Shamsi airbase. Pakistans denial to participate in the Bonn Conference is a commendable gesture on the part of our government and the US is now like a cat on hot bricks. It is anybodys guess whether the US will leave the said airbase or not but I would like to focus the kind attention of the concerned quarters as to why the US has not been asked to vacate the Jacobabad airbase also. It bleeds my heart to say that 700000 persons were rendered homeless due to floods this year in Jacobabad and in its adjoining areas but the US did not allow the relief operations to be carried on from this airbase. How deplorable it is that the US drones can fly from this base and kill the innocent Pakistanis but it could not be used for the health relief operations of the flood-stricken people who are the real owner of this airbase. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, December 4.