Our Staff Reporter KHANEWAL - City School (Nursery Branch) Headmistress Mrs Rubana Faheem contradicted the story which was published in a section of press a few days ago, that two minor British national Pakistani twin sisters, studying at the City Public School, were sexually assaulted by school security guard. She said that it was fabricated story by misreporting of some City School Staff members against her. She was giving her version to newsmen here on Monday. She rejected the allegations and said that the two minor British National Pakistani sisters were never sexually assaulted by the security guard. As a matter of fact, four of the duty teachers, three custodial members of the staff, two office assistants and she herself were present at that very school premises where the incident was previously reported during the recess time, she claimed. No such incident happened and neither was there any possibility of such a happening in presence of so many responsible people. Moreover, no such guard room is there which could be used for a sexual assault or any such activity. An inquiry was made by an inquiry team of teachers of the school, and no such incident was witnessed, Mrs Rubana Faheem added.