EVER - wondered what Antarctica would look like without all that ice? Scientists have produced the most detailed map yet of the White Continents underbelly - its rock bed. Called simply BEDMAP, this startling view of the landscape beneath the ice incorporates decades of survey data acquired by planes, satellites, ships and even people on dog-drawn sleds. It is remarkable to think that less than 1% of this rock base projects above the continents frozen veil. In the map at the top of this page, the highest elevations are marked in red/black. The light blue colour shows the extent of the continental shelf. The lowest elevations are dark blue. You will note the deep troughs within the interior of the continent that are far below todays sea level. The map is a fascinating perspective but it is more than just a pretty picture - it represents critical knowledge in the quest to understand how Antarctica might respond to a warming world. Scientists are currently reporting significant changes at the margins of the continent, with increasing volumes of ice now being lost to the ocean, raising global sea levels.BBC