OUR STAFF REPORTER MALAKWAL - The farmers Sunday protested against 15pc deduction on the payments of sugar cane S95 type by Shataj Sugar Mill and Phalia Sugar Mill. The farmers maintained that the aforesaid sugar mills were not doing justice to them as they cultivated the said type of sugar cane on a larger scale as it is recommended by the Agri Department. The protesters said they have been growing the particular sugar cane since long and terming it lower quality was not reality. They took out a rally to the DCO office Mandi Bahauddin, the other day evening, where DCO Muhammad Amin Chaudhry assured them of solving problem within 24 hours. He also called upon the farmers to avoid the cultivation of the said type of sugar cane next time that is not acceptable to the sugar mills. arrangements done for Ashura: Mandi Bauddin DPO Dar Ali Khatak has maintained that all possible arrangements have been done to maintain security on Ashura Day. The DPO said the routs of the procession will be protected fully and no one will be allowed to climb on roofs to see the procession. Ban on pillion-riding has been imposed in the city, he said. He called upon the religious scholars to preach peace and harmony among the masses.