LAHORE Airport Security Force (ASF) claimed on Monday to have arrested a man, Usman, along with his three family members and seized 16 Kg heroin from their possession at Allama Iqbal International Airport. Spokesman of ASF said that Usman, a resident of Allama Iqbal Town Lahore was trying to board a Dubai-bound flight, Ek-623, when ASF officials deputed on first checking counter in briefing area intercepted him. Accused was travelling along with his wife, 11-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter. ASF officials during search recovered 16.7 Kg heroin from his baggage. The narcotics were concealed in the hidden parts of the bags and accused was supposed to transport the said narcotics to Malaysia further. ASF arrested Usman and his three family members and after preliminary inquiry handed them over to ANF officials for further action. It is worth mentioning that accused was successful to cross checking counters of ANF and customs and had reached the counter of ASF where he was arrested. ASF said during preliminary inquiry accused said he was unaware of narcotics in his luggage and someone had deceitfully handed over the said luggage to him. Sources said sometimes mafias tactfully prepare some innocent people giving them temptation of free trip to Dubai or any other country and, at the last moment, keeping them in dark ask them to carry their luggage having narcotics. Innocent citizens dont know the reality of the case and get trapped even with their family members. He said same happened with a Pakistani pilgrim family in KSA where heroin was detected concealed in their shoes which were provided by a travel agent to them. ANF after taking the accused in custody has started investigation into the case and on the pointation of accused started raids against people involved in the smuggling of narcotics. ASF chief has announced appreciation certificates and cash prizes for the ASF officials who performed their duties actively and seized narcotics cleared by the other agencies.