LAHORE Foundation for Rehabilitation & Education of Slow Children (FRESH), an NGO solely dedicated to learning disabilities and remedial education among children in Pakistan, offers its services to the government of Punjab to operate primary education schools in major cities of the province including Lahore, Sargodha and Rawalpindi, says a press release. Ashba Kamran, General Secretary FRESH, said the key to success in education system of Pakistan is designing of tailor-made primary syllabus in line with socio-economic background of people of Pakistan. The learning disabilities are behind high dropout rate in Pakistan. The UNESCO report suggests that 3.8 million children are dropped out at primary level in Pakistan. Only 33pc of Matric and 47pc pc of F.A. students got through the examinations this year, she said. She pointed out that such a high number of students failed in these fundamental examinations of Pakistan education system because they could not get through due to learning disabilities, lingering on with them since the primary level.