Our Staff Reporter MIRPUR (AJK) - AJK Prime Minister Chaudry Abdul Majeed Monday said that an international conspiracy was underway to destabilize the democratic Pakistan and unfortunately, for political point-scoring, some disgruntled and hostile political elements are a part of it. Addressing a joint press conference along with visiting Finance Minister of KPK, Hamyun Khan and other ministers of his cabinet, he said that all the stakeholders, for the first time in the history of Pakistan including political leadership, armed forces and all other agencies were on the same to page to guide Pakistan out of intrigues and the leadership and the people of Pakistan are commendable for their unity for the sovereignty and integrity of country. He made an appeal to all political forces to unite irrespective of their differences for the sake of independency and economic stability and freedom movement of Kashmir. Paying tribute to valiant soldiers of Pakistan Arm, Ch Majeed said that the brave Army was well aware of its responsibilities to safeguarding the ideological and geographical frontiers of the state. Majeed backed the decisions taken by the cabinet defence committee and government of Pakistan in retaliation to the attack by Nato and ISAF forces on Salala checkposts. The AJK PM said that President Asif Zardari was the symbol of federation and its stability. He vehemently condemned the baton charge on mourners of Ashura procession by Indian troops in Srinagar and assured the freedom fighters in Occupied Kashmir of unflinching political, moral and diplomatic support. The government and the people of Pakistan and AJ&K will leave no stone unturned to highlight the Indian brutality in Kashmir and international community will have to let the Kashmiris exercise their right to self-determination since there is no choice left to save to nuclear region from destruction, he added. Speaking on the occasion, KPK Finance Minister Hamyun Khan said that the PPP government had entitled the people of KPK to their legitimate rights and resolved their long-standing issue of Net hydel Profit by giving extra-share in NFC Award. Responding a question, he assured that all roads linking KPK and Kashmir would be redesigned and developed to ensure easy and hassle free access between people of AJK and the KPK. He also assured that the KPK government and his party would support the AJK peoples demand for Hydel Profit and other issues related with water charges. He also announced that the AJK premier would visit KPK after Muharam where all projects of mutual interests would be finalized.