The recent NATO airstrikes on Pakistan won't discourage the country from working with the international community to fight terrorism, the country's ambassador in Beijing told China Daily on Monday. NATO fighter jets and helicopters attacked two Pakistani border checkpoints in the Mohmand tribal region near the Afghan border on Nov 26, killing 24 troops and injuring 13 others. "This should not be the product of the alliance and cooperation between the US and Pakistan," Masood Khan told China Daily. Khan said the soldiers had been "decimated wantonly", and the incident showed that the rules of engagement in the region were not clear, and the procedures for communication had not been followed. "There should be a formal apology, but even that is not enough, there should be an assurance and commitment that such an incident will not happen again," said Khan. Pakistan wants peace and stability in Afghanistan and does not want "any cracks" in the international anti-terrorism coalition, said Khan. Regarding Pakistan's cooperation with the United States and NATO/ISAF in fighting against terrorism since 2001, Khan said the allies should be "on the same page". Khan said that there remains the spirit of mutual trust between the allies. "On the contrary, we are firm and resolved to fight terrorists because terrorists threaten Pakistani society," he said. The tripartite military commission headed by senior military officers of Pakistan, the US and Afghanistan should ensure that there are no violations of sovereignty in international anti-terrorism cooperation, said Khan. "We have protocols and procedures for communication, and these procedures should be respected," said Khan, adding that if an attack has to be launched, it must be cleared by Pakistan's armed forces. At the same time, Pakistan's sovereignty and independence should not be violated under any circumstances, and Pakistani soldiers under no circumstances should be the victims of such violence, said Khan. "There is no gray area here," said Khan. (China Daily)