ISLAMABAD (Online) - Pakistan said on Monday that it wants solid outcome of Bonn Conference on the future of Afghanistan to promote peace and reconciliation in the war-ravaged neighbouring country. Pakistan boycotted the conference in protest against the November 26th NATO raids on its two border posts which had killed 24 soldiers and injured 13 others. World leaders had urged Pakistan to change its boycott decision but Islamabad stayed away from the moot held on Monday. But Pakistani leaders insisted that the country cannot attend the moot in the present situation. 'Pakistans participation in Bonn conference was not possible, however, Islamabad was closely monitoring the proceedings in Bonn, Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Basit said. Political leadership and the media were divided over the Bonn Boycott issue and section of the media, several senior political leaders and former diplomats viewed that Pakistan should have attended the conference. Shah Mehmood Qureshi opposed the boycott decision and said Pakistan should have shared its opinion with world delegates at the conference. 'We did not participate in the conference but Pakistan wants peace and stability in Afghanistan, the Foreign Ministry spokesman told state television in an interview. He said Pakistans absence in international conference does not mean that Islamabad has lost interest in Afghanistan. 'Pakistan would continue helping our neighbouring country in promotion of peace process, Abdul Basit stated. He said Pakistan desires for peace and reconciliation efforts should be intensified, adding, that Pakistan wants stability in Afghanistan. 'We want reconciliation process is Afghanistan must be revived as instability affects the whole region and the world, he stated. He said Pakistans problems and its proposals for Afghanistans peace and reconciliation should not be ignored.