LAHORE The main political parties, on the other side of the PPP-led coalition government, are preparing for an early election at various degrees. Yet the polls do not appear in sight at least till the third quarter of the next year. The three principal parties, namely the PML(N), the PTI and the JI, do have on the back of their mind that political situation may take a twist to necessitate a fresh public mandate. However, they do not want the general election to be held on the current old electoral rolls. They are demanding new computerised electoral rolls, which can not be completed till May next. In between that is the appointment of the new Chief Election Commission as the incumbent Justice (retd) Hamid Ali Mirza is retiring in the last week of March next. So even a snap election id not likely before May. As to the election preparations of Pakistan Muslim League (N), the party is tuning up from the grassroots level for the purpose, though not at an extraordinary pace. The party has finished the organisational work at the district level almost in all four provinces. In the Lahore district, the party reorganisation has been left incomplete, in addition to the revival of party setup at the provincial level, which is also going to be materialised in the days to come. The union council level organisation has been complete and next month the party command is going to notify the polling and allied staff for the next general election. The N-appointed chief coordinators and coordinators have been asked to manage the affairs and mobilise the public to make up for any deficiencies. The high command has passed instructions to the elected members to undertake regular visit to their respective constituency and identify the development schemes and expeditiously complete the ongoing ones. The PML-Ns Manifesto Committee has also given final shape to the election manifesto for the upcoming polls party high command is likely to discuss the same and give approval next month. However the job of picking up suitable candidate, alliance, adjustment with other parties in the elections, are yet not under consideration of the party which has focus its attention on memo scam which it has led to the Supreme Court and the 'Go-Zardari-Go whose next phase is going to start after Ashura. In Punjab, the party sources say, the situation is preparation are as usual however after October 28 public show of the party in Lahore, the MPs have been instructed to develop a close liaison with the public. The party is likely to announce a mass-contact campaign soon. PML(N) senior leader Senator Pervez Rashid says the party preparations for the next general election are going well and except Sindh, the party office bearers at all tiers are in contact with voters. He said last time in 2008, the party had just a few days to prepare but it bagged 92 NA seats and swept Punjab and after about three and half years preparations are at high pitch. He said except Sindh, in rest of the three provinces the situation was satisfactory. He said the party is ready to meet the challenge of early election. In Sindh the party is in contact with the leaders of nationalist parties, with whom it may discuss election alliance, understanding, and seat adjustment in any case. PML(N) Quaid Nawaz Sharif is going to address a public meeting at Larkana on December 10, the stronghold of PPP, where Shaheed Benazir Bhutto never let any carry the palm in the election contest. Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan has recently met Mumtaz Bhutto, Chairman of Sindh National Front, Ghinva Bhutto, Chairperson of (PPPSB) and Pir Pagaro of PML(F) to close ranks with their parties. The PML(N) holds the card of resigning from the Assemblies as an option to be used when no escape from the early election would be possible and the preoccupation of the party with the memo scam appears to have given secondary position to this option meaning thereby, situation is yet not ripe for immediately employing it, although the government is quite in a tight corner. Next is the PTI, which has revitalised as a mainstream party after 15 years efforts in the politics. Its still away from complete readiness for an early election, although it was fast completing its party structure from student level to the upper with the inclusion of new faces in the party. The PTI by no means is ready to go to polls on the current electoral rolls. As such, it does not mind if elections are held after May. The election manifesto of the party is yet to finalise and a lot of working on the candidates is also awaited in view of big and small guns joining the party. Vice President Hamid Khan says the current voters lists contain 37 million bogus votes and any party trying to contest the election on their basis would again rig the election which the PTI would never let it do. He said no harm if the election are held after four and half years of the present government but must be on the new computerised lists. Khan said his party has done all preparations at the bottom and is shaping up things with the inclusion of others in the party. He said students, women and youth wings of PTI are actively doing the job of mass contact which has helped the party to gear up for election anytime but on fresh lists. The third main party, Jamaat-e-Islami, has got out of mind the mid-term election as it says, next year is the election year as such no question of early or mid-term election. Central Secretary General Liaqat Baloch says the JI infrastructure is such that it is always ready for election. However he said the time of early or mid term election is over as election could be announced at time next year under the Constitution. However he said the JI will contest election on the new electoral lists but that contain a lot of discrepancies which the JI has pointed out to the Election Commission. Baloch said in the date based lists many circles have been broken which displaced many voters from their actual location. Baloch said the EC has assured them of rectifying the errors and the process will take time till August next. Baloch said the party election manifesto and other allied matters have yet to be decided and at present the party was going with a marathon programme of public meetings in all provinces. And it will welcome election anytime next year under the fresh correct roles, he added.