ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leadership has decided to put the government on mat on the memo controversy and lodge strongest protest during the address of President Zardari to the joint sitting of the Parliament soon after the 10th of Muharram. Although the joint session of the Parliament has not formally been called, yet some insiders in the Pakistan Peoples Party informed that it would likely be called a couple of days before the routine session of the National Assembly due on 15th of this month. Sources in the N-League informed that though it was final that PML-N MPs in the Parliament would lodge strong protest during the Presidents address to the joint sitting. To give final touches to the protest strategy party President Mian Nawaz Sharif has called a high-level meeting in Lahore on Wednesday, besides formulating an overall strategy to keep the issue of memo alive and lead it to a logical end. The meeting would also review the provocative reaction of Pakistan Peoples Party towards the Supreme Courts direction for constitution of inquiry commission and notice to the respondents including President Zardari, Army Chief and DG ISI to furnish their reply in the memo controversy. Sources in the party informed that as some of the N-Leaguers were of the view that instead of making uproar, the opposition should let the President address smoothly to the joint sitting of the Parliament and then rip through his speech on the floor of the Parliament with solid and irrefutable arguments when the regular session of National Assembly would commence from 15th of this month. But some other senior party leaders were of the view that they should not allow President Zardari to have smooth sailing during his address to the joint session and should chant slogans and make uproar throughout his speech. They also opposed staging of walkout in protest as in this way they would be facilitating the President. The party meeting would also finalise the future strategy of the partys public rallies across the country, especially in Sindh, while special emphasis would be laid on the point that the memo controversy and other major follies on part of the government would remain under sharp focus with the sole aim to discredit the ruling alliance in the eyes of the masses. The issue of induction of political figures from various parties into PML-N would also figure in the meeting and Mian Nawaz Sharif would take into confidence the party leaders on the issue and assure them that the new entrants in the party would not be given preference on those who stood by the party during the hard times. The party leadership would also come up with some explicit warning to the ruling alliance that any attempt to browbeat the apex judiciary would not be tolerated. They would also come up with the strong condemnation to the press conference of PPP leader Dr Babar Awan along with couple of former and sitting federal ministers to malign the role of apex judiciary soon after it (judiciary) had passed on certain direction on Nawaz Sharifs petition on memo issue.