LAHORE Police virtually sealed the entire Walled City on Monday night with massive deployment of armed personnel, extraordinary patrolling on gun-fitted vehicles and multilayer security-checks a few hours before the main Zuljinnah procession was scheduled to be taken out from Nisar Haveli inside Mochi Gate. Following its traditional route, the Zuljinnah procession taken out from Nisar Haveli on Monday night, will end at Karbala Gamay Shah at Lower Mall on Tuesday (today) evening. Other small processions of Zuljinnah, Alm and Taazia starting from several parts of the City will join the main procession. Another big procession began Monday evening from Pando Street, Islampura in Krishan Nagar, and will finish at Islampura, after moving around Khaima Saddaat at Babri Chowk. Thousands of mourners were seen beating their chests to express their sorrow and grief over the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA). Thousands of policemen including plainclothesmen have been deployed at the route of the main procession to avoid any untoward happening. The police also intensified armed-patrolling in the entire Walled City on gun-fitted vehicles while all the participants were allowed to join the main procession after complete body search at three different spots. According to the Capital City Police Officer Ahmad Raza Tahir, police have strictly been directed to ensure special security cover to all Ashura processions at the time of dispersal. He also directed the police that no irrelevant or suspicious person should be allowed to enter into the dispersing crowd. According to an official handout, city police chief said that, in order to ensure foolproof security for Youm-e-Ashur, Quick Response Force has also been deployed, along with City police and Rangers personnel. The CCPO also ordered the Lahore Police to provide extraordinary security cover to women Majalis and Muharram processions, whereas comprehensive checking and screening of motorcycles, with pillion riders, should also be carried out. Ahmad Raza Tahir said that comprehensive monitoring through CCTV, along with aerial monitoring, would be made for all Moharam-ul-Haram Majalis and processions passing through the approved routes. Ahmad Raza Tahir said that conscious and informed citizens are the best line of defense against the scourge of terrorism and other heinous crimes. Ahmad Raza said that irrelevant people would not be allowed to come out on the route of Zuljinnah and all kinds of traffic would remain suspended on the said route, whereas close circuit cameras have also been installed alongside the routes. He said comprehensive checking and screening of motorcycles, with pillion riders, would also be carried out. The CCPO said Lahore Police made effective security arrangements on the eve of Youm-e-Ashur, as over 12,000 cops will perform their duty to maintain law and order on this occasion. Police officials in civvies, cops from Elite and Mohafiz forces, mounted force, mobile squads and sniffer dogs have also been deployed on the route of Zuljinnah, CCPO added. Ahmad Raza Tahir ordered Lahore Police that, during Ashur, foolproof arrangements for checking and screening at all entry and exit points of the city be ensured. The CCPO further directed that during Ashur, no one would be allowed to display weapons and, in case of any violation, strict legal action would be initiated. He said that metal detectors should be used at the entrance of the Imambargah and no one should be allowed to enter without checking to avoid any untoward incident. The CCPO directed all divisional SPs to personally check the force deployment and patrolling of mobile squad in their respective areas, besides paying random visits to sensitive places. He said he would himself continue to inspect various places in order to review the security arrangements.