ISLAMABAD - Power Ministry has directed power sector of the country to adjust Pepcos employees within 45 days in their respective departments particularly the Discos and Gencos , it was learnt. Ministry of Water and Power, after the complete backing from the govt gurus, is all set to resolve serious concerns and sensitive reservations pertaining jobs safety, security and long awaited due promotions in the concerned departments of the employees of dissolved Pepco, sources privy to the development transcribed on Monday. Sources informed that Ministry has given these directions in its letter dated 1st December. It has also been directed to accommodate them with due promotions as and where necessary on priority basis. This good news, of adjustment of Pepcos employees facing utter shock about the fate of their jobs generally due to Pepcos dissolution and particularly after receiving the ostensible refusal from the Discos and Gencos. (power generation companies), is due to the continuous resistance of MD Pepco, and also sparked protest demos of the Pepcos employees after the dissolution of Pepco. Further, President Asif Ali Zardari had also noticed the growing protests demonstrations of Pepcos employees and promptly responded to resolve the issue of jobs on priority basis. Sources in ministry have further opined that this surprising development is because of the persistent efforts of Pepco MD who had boldly fought to secure, preserve and promote the valuable rights of the employees and has also now ostensibly ensured with this recent given directions. Further, Pepcos employees came out to raise their concerns and had actively agitated against the dissolution of Pepco which was done prior to settling down the future of their jobs that was ensuring their both ends, sources said adding that govt gurus are behind this sudden development to defuse the looming political pressure in streets, offices and parliament as well ahead of upcoming general election in the country. It was also directed to the board of Discos to propose two or three names of the short-listed candidates to the ministry for the high slots of CEO Discos of the country.