KARACHI - The continuous ignorance in decision making and lack of implementation on the commitments by the ruling PPP has compelled the PML-Q to quit the federal as well as Sindh governments, said Haleem Adil Shaikh, General Secretary of the PML-Q Sindh while talking to TheNation on Monday. The meeting of partys Sindh Council has been summoned on 18th of this month, which will recommend the partys central command to review the agreements with the ruling PPP, Shaikh said adding, that PPP had violated all the agreements and did not honour the commitments made with the PML-Q. He said that PPP Sindhs senior leaders never considered PML-Q as an ally and continuously ignoring them since they joined the government. The PPP government had not given honour to the commitments made with the PML-Q in terms of allotting of portfolios of its ministers in Sindh cabinet, he said adding, that Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, during a meeting with the PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain a few months back, had made commitment that Transport, Revenue and Rehabilitation and Board of Investment Department would be allotted to the PML-Q ministers, but without taking into confidence the ally, the Sindh Chief Minister bifurcated the departments and snatched the portfolios from them. He said PPP leaders phoned him for meeting but he refused and advised them to contact with PML-Q chief Ch Shujaat for any meeting. He said the party chief had directed them for not taking charge of new ministries in Sindh. Shaikh said the Sindh Council of PML-Q comprising 115 members will meet on December 18 this month in Karachi to discuss the progress on agreements with ruling PPP and identify the violations of agreement made by the ruling party. The Sindh body will request central command to pull out of the federal and Sindh governments as ruling party was continuously violating the commitment, PML-Q Sindh General Secretary said. Despite largest partner in the federal government, the ruling PPP ignoring them in decision making as well as real power sharing in the province, PML-Q leader said, adding, the jobs in government departments were being distributed through ministers and MPAs of PPP. Besides the ignorance in relief activities during recent devastative rains and floods in the province, the ruling PPP was now ignoring PML-Q voters and workers in rehabilitation process, he alleged. Even our voters who suffered losses in the recent rains are not receiving fertilizers, seeds, Watan cards and other facilities being distributed by the government in the province for flood-hit people, he said. Counting another violation of agreement by PPP, Haleem Adil Shaikh said that though the ruling PPP had made commitment that both parties will accept and change the loyalty of leaders of each others party, but PPPs Sindh Minister Agha Siraj Durrani met with vice president of PML-Q Haji Altaf Hussain Unar and invited him to join ruling PPP, which is sheer violation of agreement. The pressure is mounting from the workers to quit the ruling coalition otherwise party will suffer heavily in next elections, so partys Sindh Council is going to meet on December 18 to take final decision in this regard, he concluded.