LAHORE The four year tenure of Punjab University Vice Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran is ending on January 2, 2012, which starts a race for the coveted slot among the academics, TheNation has learnt. Dr Kamran is seeking an extension in tenure on the ground that PU has made great strides of development in every field. Different small groups, however, have joined hands to campaign against his bid to get extension. But the progress of the institution under his command is still making Dr Kamran a strong contender for the slot. The Punjab Government has invited applications from the intending candidates till December 9, 2011. According to the insiders, Dr Kamran will submit his application for extension in tenure as VC on December 9 with complete record of all achievements of the PU during his tenure. The opponents of the VC have set aside all their differences for the time being and started making efforts in one direction, denying extension to common foe Dr Kamran. Faculty members of the PU belonging to Tanzeem-e-Asatza, a sister organisation of Jamaat-e-Islami, have even gone to the extent of joining hands with the teachers having close links with ex-Prof Dr Iftikhar Baloch who was sacked from the prestigious office over charges of sexual harassment of female students and employees. Couple of PU employees terminated from the service on the charges of corruption and violation of discipline have already launched malicious campaign against the VC, presuming that Dr Kamran and his close aids were behind the final decision. Faculty members facing inquiry over plagiarism charges have also put their weight behind the opponents of Dr Kamran with the hope that his disappearance from the scene would help putting the issue under the carpet. This is an unholy alliance between people having huge differences and only one common agenda. Tanzeem-e-Asatza is annoyed with Dr Kamran over his steps to depoliticise the PU and minimise the role of Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba. IJT was not allowed to hold rallies and other activities inside the PU premises much to the annoyance of faculty members associated with TA and the JI, said a PU faculty member having close links with the VC. He alleged that the opponents had already met with the Punjab Chief Minister and presented the case against Dr Kamran but failed to convince the chief executive as he was well aware about the fact that the institution achieved new heights during his tenure as VC. He expressed hope that Kamran would get extension in tenure as there was hardly any other candidate of such a profile and stature. Since the last four years after Dr Kamran get appointed as VC, there is considerable increase in the number of research articles published in impact factor and HEC recognised journals, earning of the PU, allocation for research work, number of doctorate degrees, scholarship for faculty members to get higher education abroad and books published by PU teachers. On June 30, 2008, the PU investment was Rs 1.85 billion but now it has reached Rs 3.85 billion. For the year 2007-08, the PU allocated Rs 4 million for research work. The allocation was increased to Rs 50 million for 2008-09, Rs 52 million for 2009-10 and Rs 70 million for 2010-11. The PU showed gradual increase in the number of research articles published in the impact factor journals. In 2008, these were 208 which increased to 273 in 2009 and to 362 in 2010. In 2010, the PU attained fourth position among institutions in the country in publication of articles in impact factor journals. Till July 2011, 325 articles of PU faculty members have been published in impact factor journals, raising hopes for further increase in the position of the institution at the end of the current year. From 1990 to 2007, 734 PhD degrees were awarded, making yearly average of 41. During the last four years, the yearly average has reached 111. From 2003 to 2007, 26 faculty members were given scholarship to do PhD abroad while from 2008-11, the number reached 46.