PESHAWAR Ameer Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Senator Prof Ibrahim Khan, has said that US wants to make India busy in this region to increase tension but the neighbouring countries do not accept the supremacy of India. Addressing the partys Provincial Executive Committee meeting here at Al-Markaz Islami on Monday, he said that existence of the foreign forces in Afghanistan had spoiled peace and stability in the entire region, adding the US under a well thought-out conspiracy wanted to increase the role of India in Afghanistan, but it would further spoil the situation. Reacting to the Bonn Conference, held in Germany on Monday to discuss the Afghan crisis, Prof Ibrahim said that until the foreign forces do not leave Afghanistan, sustainable peace can never be established there. He said that the US-led forces had established their military bases in Afghanistan to bring rest of the countries in the region under influence. He also demanded of the American-led NATO forces to immediately leave the country and let the local people decide about their future. He also said that the memogate scandal had exposed the real face of the incumbent politicians. The US eyes the nuclear technology of Pakistan and certain elements are becoming its agents to serve their foreign lords, he said. The JI chief said that their party gathering on December 18 would be a revolution against the corrupt rulers.