The memo scandal has become talk of the town and favourite topic for the TV Talk Shows. Thereis lot of speculation about the case but no one in the government seems serious about it. Mansoor Ejaz is being labelled as man with no integrity. If so why Hussain Haqqani was so close to him that both of them flew to London together to meet British Army's Chief of General Staff on 10th of May,2011? They both stayed in the same hotel and after meeting flew back to America together. It is simple to check on their passports or their departure from USA and arrival in London, the record of which is always available with the immigration authorities. This will prove in the first place whether Mr Mansoor Ejaz is a liar or is speaking the truth. The second most important things is; if Mansoor Ejazhas no credibility or is a man of shady character, howhe could be so close to Pakistan Ambassador to USA, Gen James John and American government that his memo could reach Admiral Michel Mullen the then chief of General Staff of American forces. The third most important point is the text of the memo and its timings of conveying to world media. Mansoor Ejaz could not write all this on his own and dare to send it toAdmiral Mullen without some authority behind him. Either he had the blessing ofHussain Haqqani or it is a brain child of CIA whoused an influential Pakistan born American. The government of Pakistan should not delay finding the truth which perhaps is already known to our PM (who had a meeting with Gen Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani discussing this memo)who is as usual gaining time by fighting a lost battle with his legal wizard Dr Babar Awan to complete his term of five years. They are fighting the issue and nottelling the public what actually happened. The government must expose the involved personalities and diffuse the public anger and stop the speculations. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, December 4.