LAHORE (APP) - Zuljinnah processions on 9th of Muharram were taken out amid tight security here on Monday. Dozens of small and large processions were taken out from different parts of the city by mourners who were beating their chests to express their grief over the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA). The second biggest procession was taken out from Pando Street, Krishan Nagar (Islampura) around 10 am, attended by hundreds of mourners. The procession passed through Aab Para Chowk, Secretariat, Old Anarkali and reached Khaima-e-Sadaat Edward Road where small processions joined it. A Majlis-e-Aza was held at Khaime-e-Sadaat following which the procession returned to Pando street. A police posse was escorting the procession from rear and front. Another procession was also taken out from Shadman which after passing through its traditional route culminated at Qasr-e-Batool where 'Zanjeerzani was held. Processions were brought out from main Imambargah, Wassanpura and Railway Station Engine Shed. A Zuljinah procession was taken out from Qasr-e-Batool, Hunza Block, Allama Iqbal Town. After passing through its traditional route, it returned to Hunza Block, where mourners walked on burning coals. Individuals and social welfare organisations set up sabeels along the procession route. They also distributed 'Niaz (free food) among people. Scouts and health officials were accompanying the processions to meet any eventuality. The government had made special arrangements to counter any untoward happening during Zuljinnah processions. Meanwhile, Youm-i-Ashur, the 10th of Muharram, will be observed with reverence and religious fervour in the provincial capital on Tuesday to pay homage to Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions. Tazyiya, Alam and Zuljinnah processions will be taken out from various parts of the city. Main procession was taken out from Nisar Haveli on Monday night which will be culminated on late Tuesday evening at Karbala Gamey Shah after passing through its designated routes. On this occasion, special security arrangements have been made for the maintenance of peace. Police pickets have been established on all entry and exit points of the provincial capital where every person and vehicle are being checked. Hospitals have been asked to remain alert for any sort of emergency. CTO: Chief Traffic Officer Syed Ahmed Mubeen visited the routes of the main Zuljinnah procession to inspect the traffic arrangements and various diversion points. He also visited the diversion points of Pandoo Street and Qasr-e-Batool Shadman and the routes of processions of Zuljinnah . The CTO directed the Circle-in-Charges and wardens to further improve the performance and provide timely guidance to the citizen about the diversion plan from the site to other routes. He said that three SPs, nine DSPs, 27 Inspectors, 763 Wardens and 120 lady wardens had been deployed in shifts to facilitate the participants of the processions and public.