ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court has ruled again that Balochistan government has lost constitutional authority to govern the province and whatever it is doing, is doing at its own risk and cost.In an interim order, passed Wednesday in Balochistan law and order case, a three-judge bench said that the governments are responsible to provide security to people, but the federal and provincial governments have failed in doing so.It said Oct 12 judgment was still intact and criticised the lack of progress despite the court’s orders pertaining to missing persons, saying that those responsible for this state of affairs will be held accountable and brought to justice.Heading the bench, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry told Balochistan government counsel Shahid Hamid: “You do whatever you like but the judgment on Balochistan passed on October 12 is still intact, though it has been flouted... the history will not forgive you.”The counsel told the court that a joint investigation team under IGs of Police and FC and chief sectary, and comprising officials of ISI, MI and police had been established to control the law and order situation. He also submitted a 15 days progress report, but the court rejected it.“Absolutely there is no progress, as in the last hearing we have passed an order to at least recover the missing persons but not a single person was recovered despite 71 hearings on this case,” the chief justice remarked. This government is not committed and the police are under pressure as they are transferred and posted on political grounds, he added.The judge said no one had been arrested over the killings of hundreds of Shias and at least 26 doctors, and reprimanded security forces for not acting against “influential” people involved in kidnappings. He said that the police alone could not be held responsible for the province’s unrest; instead, the provincial government should take the responsibility of killings and disappearances in the province. “It is constitutional responsibility of the executive government to protect life and property of citizens and failures to do so are bound to have consequences sooner or later,” the CJP said. He ordered the Balochistan government to submit another report in two weeks’ time, but did not set a date for the next hearing. “We will keep this case open, because we have to ensure the fundamental rights of the people of Balochistan. But those responsible are not delivering,” he said.The chief justice remarked that Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani should take responsibility of the rampant kidnappings and killings instead of blaming the police only. “Your own minister says on record that ‘yes our own people (in government) are involved in the crime. Somebody has to take the responsibility. The chief minister has to take responsibility,” the chief justice said.Advocate General Balochistan Amanullah Kanrani asked the CJ that should the Balochistan government resign. The chief justice remarked why the court would say so. He said they were not against the democracy, but wanted that system should continue. Justice Iftikhar added that they had not uttered a single word about the Provincial Assembly.Balochistan government counsel said that the chief minister was also a part of the high-level committee set up to probe the security situation. Shahid Hamid also submitted a confidential report. The bench after having a glance at the report, observed that there was not a single word in the report that can be termed secret.He claimed that in the last two weeks, nine people had been arrested and last week the police had recovered explosive material. He said that Muharram passed peacefully and only one incident of target and sectarian killing took place since November 20. He further said that the law enforcement agencies have identified 12 persons, involved in kidnapping for ransom.The chief justice said that “these are all pseudonyms that you have mentioned” in the report. Justice Gulzar Ahmed inquired whether any person was arrested with concrete evidence. Shahid said that the police had arrested big gangs and now the improvement was being seen in the province.The counsel for Balochistan doctors informed the court that according to Dr Rasheed, the Balochistan governor has said that all the members of the provincial assembly are thieves. But the government lawyer contradicted this. The CJP questioned whether the law enforcement agencies were unaware about the persons behind worsening Balochistan law and order situation in the province. He pointed out that even the provincial home minister says that “our own people are involved”.Shahid Hamid informed the court that they were providing security to the doctors. Justice Gulzar said “if you improve the overall law and order situation in the province then there would be no need to provide special security to the doctors”. The counsel requested the bench to ask the doctors to end strike. The chief justice said why they should ask them to do so and why the provincial government was not handling the matter by itself.The counsel for doctors, Mr Kakar informed that the hospitals in Balochistan were closed due to the government attitude. “The doctors are not allowed to enter the hospital as section 144 is imposed in Quetta.” He said if the government provided security to the doctors, they were ready to call off their strike.President of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Balochistan chapter said that he had met the governor but how the doctors could work when their lives are in danger. The chief justice observed that the law and order situation of Balochistan is deteriorating with each passing day. He asked the Balochistan chief secretary to realise his responsibility and adjourned the case for two weeks.