LANDI KOTAL - A protest demonstration of   local press reporters was held against their missing colleague, Musa Khan Afridi   in front of Landi kotal press club here on Wednesday.

Scores of local journalists were holding placards inscribed with slogans like, provide security to the tribal journalists and were chanting full throat slogans in favor of their demands.  The protest demonstration was led by the local press club’s president Ahmad Nabi. If Musa Khan is not set free safely at the earliest, the tribal journalists will stage a protest demonstration in front of governor House in Peshawar, warned Ahmad Nabi, the president of TUJ Landi kotal press club. Restriction or ban on media will not be tolerated, he added. Till the recovery of the missing journalist the protest will continue and will expand its circle to other tribal press clubs, he threatened.   The media men dispersed peacefully after the protest demonstration.

Since November 02,2012 Musa Khan Afridi, senior journalist from Jamrud has been missing from Karkhano market, Peshawar.