ISLAMABAD - TheNetwork for Consumer Protection on Wednesday dispatched a letter of congratulation to the Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf over his exemplary decision to support tobacco control movement.

The greetings from TheNetwork came after his healthy decision to quit smoking and his reported pledge that from now on he would be a proactive advocate of tobacco control in Pakistan. In a letter sent to the Premier, the organisation striving for consumer rights in Pakistan for last two decades has also appreciated his affirmed support for tobacco control movement by saying that this commitment will set a milestone in Pakistan.

However, the organisation whose slogan is let’s join hands for a tobacco free Pakistan has also deplored over the government failure towards its promise to rotate the pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs by December 2011 which has been missed so far. The organisation also urged a Comprehensive ban on Tobacco Advertising including Point of Sale Advertising and Sponsorship. Executive Coordinator TheNetwork for Consumer Protection Nadeem Iqbal ina statement appealed the PM to fulfill the unfulfilled international commitments government of Pakistan.

 and to direct the relevant authorities to enforce tobacco control laws in letter & spirit, reactivate Tobacco Advertising Guidelines Committee (S.R.O 655 (1)/ 2003). He said reportedly Pakistan already accounts more than 100,000 tobacco related deaths every year and more than 1200 children start smoking every day in result of aggressive marketing of tobacco products.