Junaid Jamsheed’s recent blasphemy case has proved that we live in a hypocritical country. The truth is that if one has the right contacts and influence one can easily get away with any crime. Junaid Jamsheed’s sacrilegious comments have been forgiven by a mere apology and the argument for the forgiveness is “Allah is merciful” and “human beings are bound to make mistakes.” But what beyond understanding is, if this is the case, then why were the minorities prosecuted so harshly? Why couldn’t they have given a public apology? Why were they deprived of the right to a fair trial?

This case should serve as an eye opener for the government and they should clarify that this blasphemy law, which has only been used to settle personal scores and has aggravated hatred and discrimination, taken many innocent lives and it should now be changed.


Australia, December 3