Transparency International has ranked Pakistan 126th among 175 countries as per its rating in the ‘Corruption Perceptions Index’ (CPI) 2014. It shows improvement on part of Pakistan’s ruling elite to contain corruption by one point, as Pakistan was ranked 127th among 177 countries in 2013. The government has taken an initiative to change the culture of corrupt values prevailing in party leaders and top officials. There is a lot to be done in the field of politics and economy.

The role of citizens cannot be denied in upholding the norms of integrity and making ours a corruption free society if they restrain from corruption and corrupt practices. This awareness comes only by education. It suggests little has been done and a lot is to be done. All the politicians and high-rank officials should hold themselves accountability. Unless and until change is not form inside, conditions outside cannot be favorable.


Lahore, December 3.