Imran Khan’s has announced his plan, ‘Plan C’ and threatened to jam the whole country on December 16. Khan also claimed that if this plan failed like his plans A and B, he would announce another after December 16. This constant barrage of plans and sit-ins only means that he has no real plan just agitation and disruption until he gets his way. This situation is creating chaos and everyone is asking, what will happen on 16th, before this everyone was asking what will happen on 30th? Khan is acting like all other politicians.

The economy of the country is already drowning and such statements are more than enough. Government should ask him about his Plan Z and then start talks on that, but it seems as if the government is also unwilling to resolve the situation. Because JI Ameer, Sirajul Haq is still hopeful that talks can end the situation but there is no govt. represents willing to talk to Khan. Imran khan has also lost the best opportunity, when COAS offered to guarantee the deal with the government. Whatever, both of the parties should come forward and end this game.


Lahore, December 1.