The PPP has been left behind trailing in the dust in Punjab, and as the dust settles, it has become more clear that they have lost the province. Initial analysis of PTI’s loud moves in August was that the PTI would shard the PMLN vote bank, to the benefit of the PPP. But the PPP has failed to capitalize on this sin in the last four months. The less that is said of their contribution to Sindh, the better. It has only been Bilawal's rabble-rousing speeches creating more hostility with the MQM, Zardari at the centre of another scandal in the form of Sadruddin Hashwani’s book and Sindh CM Qaim Ali Shah’s pathetic excuses for the famine gripping Tharparkar in the past year.

There is a clear deterioration in the PPP’s vote bank in the Punjab since the 1970s. Changes in voting patterns in Punjab are following the same pattern as in Lahore. In Lahore, the PPP's share of votes has been eroded. Excluding Samina Ghurki’s NA-130 constituency, the average vote count for the party would be just over 5,000 per constituency or three per cent of total votes cast. The Herald magazine in a survey in March 2014 put PPP's projected vote share in Punjab at only 5%. With such depreciation, the PPP needs to withdraw to its hinterland of rural Sindh strategically, and focus on governance and delivery there and addressing people’s needs. The middle class in Punjab is with the PTI; they have found an alternate and are not ready to back party with people like Gilani and Raja. There is a change in narrative, and the PPP cronies are the old guard that nobody wants back in charge.

We have been hearing that the PPP has been attempting to reform internally. There is a lot of opposition to Bilawal. Former federal minister Firdous Ashiq Awan for one said that Zardari’s crowd had a “step-motherly attitude towards her”. They will see more ticket holders turning to other parties. There is no ideology to want to fight for and no party discipline. The party has tried to reenergize itself, sending Bilawal out as the next-young-thing. But nobody needs that anymore. How long is the party going to ride on ZA Bhutto’s coat tails? We need parties to be working to pass better laws and make sure the people in their charge are happy and fed, rather than pelting us with clowns making jokes about other clowns from the pulpit.