Muslims – well, the majority of them – around the world have closed doors on any kind of possible or probable reformation in Islam and anyone who attempts to align their religion on any such arrangement(s) stands a good chance of being exterminated over the pretext of heresy – the extermination threat looms large for individuals and nations in entirety. This mingled with an unwarranted hatred against the West and its “methodologies”, in all actuality, sets pace for fundamentalism in the Muslim world.  As to why Muslims are so obstinate and hard-headed and what is the genesis of their sentiment of hate towards the West, is worth some serious speculation(s).

There are certain “chapters” in the history of Muslim world which point towards an appreciation of the West as an emblem of growth, prosperity and inclusive character even though today Muslims may reject such “chapters” as archaic and contemplated upon by people who failed to understand the “essence of Islam” and Islamic principles. The fact remains, though, that Muslims enjoyed and continue to enjoy the liberties offered by the West while hating it has turned into a spectre of matter-of-fact principality. This duality in Muslims, who on the one hand want their kids and siblings to study and make their careers in the Western world – since the opportunities are multi-fold – and on the other objectify hatred towards the West is quite disturbing and out-rightly not in consonance with Jihadi ideologies. Where does this dichotomy of the Muslim character stem from; what are its roots and reasons and how justified are Muslims in vilifying the West as a centre of profanity and godlessness?

The separation of the church and the state in the Western world unfolded into brand new directions of economic prosperity, growth and liberty. For Muslims the second part of Western history was an acceptable and align-able factuality while the first part was far from acceptable for certain underlying perceived repercussions – repercussions that might hurt the (again perceived) “integral” character of the Muslim world. Even though attempts had been made in the Muslim world to lay the foundations for the separation of political religiosity and economic growth but all such attempts landed the proponents into “deep trouble” which eventually coalesced into their ostracism. It was generally understood that political religiosity and economic emancipation emerged and converged into a singular and this singular was the only “true Islam” which did not seek or even allow contemplation on the idea of separation of religion and economics.

An eventuality occurred when Muslim communities across the world realized the actuation of the segregation of the church and the state in the West had opened gateways for immense growth while in contrast the idea of Islamic Republics was in utter disarray. This eventuality caught momentum with Muslim populations realizing their “envy” towards the “openness” of the West while being stringently directed by the Islamic jurist power-lobbies to desist the West in charm and character. Muslims, especially the power-mongers, feared that if they grew too affectionate to the West they might end up breaking their own hegemonic designs of containing themselves to the mono-centric belief systems in two constants, one in terms of godliness and the other in terms of their approach to life in general. So the West was the temptress and the Muslim was the “afflicted”. This led to a drive in Islamic societies towards “illegitimization” of the West as an appropriated diabolic entity. To secure this “illegitimization” into a circle of “foreverness” the Muslim world or at least some parts of it started brewing a volatile concoction, a cult army of young men brainwashed in “madrassas” and mosques to “give up” on the idea of “this” life and contemplate peculiarly on the hereafter. This army was equipped with the most explosive and the destructive “artillery” of all times – hatred.     

Thus forth, while Muslim kids were being taught in elementary schools across the West they were bound to comprehend the aphorism of religiosity and when met with stimulating ideas of liberalization they started to come out of their shells. They started idolizing the West and this was the last nail in the coffin for therein lay the seed for a practical reformation of Islam in line with modern democracies of the West as opposed to widely latent theocracies of the Muslim world. This is where the “temptress” had to be caged into an idea of the aggressor. This is where it practically all began. Transformed into over-credulous zealots, the Muslim suicide bombers emerged on the scene with the “mission” to annihilate the idea of the West because it is the idea that matters more than physical entity to the theocrats. The contained fear of being opened up to economic liberalization by aping the West, Muslim societies chose to close all their ends and build fraternities of fear by means of brutalizing the liberal imagery of the West.       

Characteristically, Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance lost credence with the growth of the strong “hegemonic” West – conclusively attributed to the separation of the church and the state (forgive my repetitiveness) by Muslim societies – and the supra-in-consequent economic down-slide of Muslims populations across the world. It was an agitation that wrapped the chapter for the Muslim world – the agitation of keeping themselves from coalescing into the “new world order” and refraining from losing their religion. It was practically that – losing their religion that concerned and does concern majority of Muslims across the world. Muslims feared for their religion; their only surviving identity. And thus, to contain itself from spilling over to liberalization and losing their monotheism to trade-centric social alignments the Muslim world jumped up to destroy the “root of all evil” – the West.