Rawalpindi - Elderly zealous voters reached polling stations to exercise their voting right in the last phase of local government elections yesterday.

According to details, 101-year-old man Ghulam Abbas along with son arrived at the polling station of UC-32 in Rawalpindi and cast his vote. The old man said, “Vote is our right and duty; therefore, we should use it to elect the right person for our country.”

On the other hand, 103-year-old woman cast vote in UC-40. The elderly woman reached polling station on wheelchair.

Chief of Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rasheed applauded the woman’s enthusiasm and stated, “We need such kind of passion in our country if we want to bring change.”

Meanwhile, a bride-to-be reached polling station in Rawalpindi’s UC-42 to cast her vote before she left for in-laws house with her husband.

Bride Saba Naveed, clad in a wedding costume, visited Saint Marry School polling station to exercise her right to vote.

Talking to media persons, she said that every citizen must cast vote and exercise democratic right for the betterment of the country. She said that she could not miss her vote despite her wedding as she is aware of its importance. She said she did poll the vote on the initiative of her would-be groom. She said she had a clear objective to participate in the electoral process for the ultimate national development and progress.

The polling staff, after formal identification, allowed her to cast the vote. The polling staff and other local people also extended congratulations and wished for her future life.

Meanwhile, the citizens used their democratic right for betterment of the civic amenities in their areas.

They expressed the hope that LB system would bring positive changes in the country and power will be transferred at the local level.

Maryam Fatima (67), a retired schoolteacher, told APP that vote is a national responsibility and democracy gives this right to everyone to use their right for choosing the right person for prosperity and development. She said the country is facing many challenges internal and external; it is responsibility of the people to support the government and army to overcome the major issue of terrorism in the country. She appreciated the government for holding the local body election for strengthening of the democratic system in the country.

Chaudhary Abdul Majeed Abbasi, a businessman, said that the government should control inflation and give the relief to the public and adding that it is moral obligation of every citizen to select people who can resolve people’s basic issues and put the county on track of prosperity and well being.

Other voters during the local government elections termed the polls a positive step to further strengthen the democratic process, saying that it will help address the problems of the people at grassroots level.

Talking to APP the voters were of the view that the LG system will help strengthen democracy and put the country on path of progress. They further said that they have great expectations from their representatives.

A voter Muhammad Nadeem said that sewerage, poor water supply, no maintenance of streets and street lights are long-standing issues which would be addressed effectively by the local representatives.