Islamabad - More than 600 female teachers have been taking to street for the last 20 days for the payment of their nine months salaries and regularisation of services but the concerned officials have not bothered to take notice of their plight so far.

The teachers hired on daily wages in various schools and colleges have been staging a sit-in at D-Chowk since November 16 and almost 600 of the protesters are females. Each of them is at least master degree holder and some hold MPhil degrees as well. Most of these teachers are engaged in model setup of schools of Islamabad. There are huge number of daily-wage teachers in these colleges including Islamabad Model College for Girls F-10/2 where only 30 regular teachers and more than 150 teachers on daily wages have been teaching the strength of 8,000 students. Likewise, in IMCG-10/4 there are 3,000 students and 75 teachers on daily wages, more than the permanent staff.

These teachers make up the 60 percent strength of teachers in the model setup working for about eight years without basic service facilities.

“The services of teachers were hired on Rs 400 per day that is the minimum wage and in case of availing a leave, one day salary is deducted from their salary,” complained a female teacher, Safoora Bajwa. “No maternity or sick leave is given with pay to female teachers. They have been working for many years, with some are working for the last 5 to 8 years,” she said.

Female teachers have come to roads, leaving their children behind at homes, for their rights because there is no other way left for them, she said.

Their salaries had been stopped in April 2015. The Federal Directorate of Education that regulates educational institutions did not demand budget for their salaries that is total negligence on its part, she complained.

The teachers have contacted the court again and again and each time the court decided in their favour, ordering the Capital Administration and Development Division to form a committee in order to regularise them. The committee was formed 13 months ago but it did not take any step forward.