The governor of Yemen's port city of Aden, Major-General Jaafar Mohammed Saad, has been killed in an attack along with six of his bodyguards.

Unknown assailants reportedly fired a rocket-propelled grenade at Saad's car in the Tawahi district in Aden, news reports said.

Hisham al-Omeisy, a Yemeni political analyst, said the assassination of the governor was only the latest in a series of political killings in Aden in recent months.

"Major General Jaafar Mohammed Saad was pro-cession of the south of Yemen and was under a lot of pressure," Omeisy said, speaking to Al Jazeera from Sanaa, the capital.

"He was blocked from getting to his office several times in the past weeks and his movement in the city was very restricted. To a lot of people in Aden, this attack does not come as much of a surprise," Omeisy added.

"There is a security vacuum in Aden. Al-Qaeda and other militias are running freely. So it's very instable and therefore no surprise that the governor was targeted after we've seen several assassinations over the past two months," he said.

"It's likely going to get even worse, especially now that al-Qaeda has taken over in two cities just a few kilometers away from Aden. So they'll be moving into Aden and I think you'll see a war in the streets there very soon."

Courtesy Al Jazeera