He called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stick to his commitment to the two-state solution and engage in dialogue with the Palestinians.

"It is important that that not become a slogan, not become a throw-away phrase, that it becomes a policy, which is what it is meant to be," he said.

The US top diplomat also criticised Israel’s continued expansion of Jewish settlements in areas that the Palestinians claim as part of a future state, noting Palestinians were prevented from construction activity in Area C of the occupied West Bank.

The remarks by the top US envoy came a week after he met Palestinian and Israeli leaders in Ramallah and Jerusalem.

Kerry noted during a recent trip to Ramallah, Abbas had told him the level of Palestinian despair about the future was unprecedented.

He "spoke more despairingly, my friends, than I have ever heard him, about the sense of hopelessness that the Palestinian people feel", Kerry said.

At the same time, Kerry told the conference the Palestinian leadership must do more to prevent anti-Israel violence.

Deadly attacks have rocked the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel for more than two months following Israeli incursions into the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

Since October 1, 112 Palestinians have been killed along with 21 Israelis, an American, and an Eritrean.

Courtesy Aljazeera