Mustaqbil Pakistan leader Mian Arshad Mehmood said the PML-N and the PPP did nothing during their tenures for the people belonging to rural areas here.

He was addressing at Wasu while distributing the party cards to new members. He said farm-to-market roads were in a shambles while health facilities unavailable. He said the establishment of DHQ Hospital was approved in 2005 but the PPP during its government stopped the project due to shortage of funds.

However, the construction of the project began in 2010 later but again the work was stopped due to reasons unknown to the public, he said. He added that billions of funds were being wasted on projects in the Punjab capital but the government is deliberately ignoring the rural areas and not providing the inhabitants with basic rights.

Similarly, he said, schools were less in number to meet the education of the children. Parents have to get their children admitted to private schools where fees are very high, he said. He noted that the people had lost trust in the old political parties and were in search of some new party. He said Mustaqbil Pakistan party can put the country on the path to development, prosperity and stability.