The councillor-elect independent candidate Mian Muhammad Rasheed announced joining the PML-N, taking the number of seats of the party in Toba Municipal Committee to 13.

He made the announcement in the office of MNA Junaid Anwaar Ch where another MPA Amjad Ali Javed was also present.

Both the parties - the PML-N and PTI have won 12 seats each of general councillors in the 29-seat house of Toba MC. Later out of five independent councillors, two - Saeed Ahmed Tahir and Zulfiqar Ali Nasir took the decision to join the PTI, raising the number of its councillors to 14. However, with the joining of Mian Muhammad Rashid, the number of PML-N seats has reached to 13. Two other independent councillors - Malik Tariq Mithu and Atif Safdar Randhawa have not decided which group they will join. If one of them joins the PTI, the party will be able to get chairmanship of the Toba MC while the PML-N still needs two more councillors to come into the position to get chairmanship of Toba MC.