LAHORE - The teachings of Sufi saint Ali Hajveri, popular as Data Sahib, proved to be a basis for Nazaria Pakistan Trust, speakers at an NPT sitting said yesterday.

Addressing the gathering on the 972nd Urs of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh, Punjab Minister for Auqaf and Religious Affairs Ata Muhammad Maneka said that the need was to protect the ‘heritage of knowledge’. “The need is to promote Persian language that contains handsome literature. Allama Iqbal also wrote his poetry in Persian besides Urdu,” said Maneka.

NPT vice chairman Dr Rafique Ahmad said that the purpose of establishing the trust was to promote religious and spiritual values. The trust had been nurturing new generation through its plans to promote Two Nation theory, he added.

Dignitaries like DG Auqaf Dr Tahir Raza Bokhari, Khateeb Jamia Masjid Data Darbar Mufti Muhammad Ramazan Sialvi, Engr Tufail Malik and others attended the sitting.

The speakers paid tribute to the services of Data sahib for the preaching of Islam.