SEOUL - Tens of thousands of protesters marched in Seoul Saturday, accusing President Park Geun-Hye of sacrificing workers and farmers for large businesses and rewriting history textbooks to glorify her father’s authoritarian rule.

An estimated crowd of 30,000 people, many of them wearing masks in defiance of Park’s call for a ban on masking-wearing during protests, marched through the city centre behind a banner reading ‘Resign Park Geun-Hye’, chanting slogans.

Police had initially banned Saturday’s rally but organisers appealed to the Seoul Administrative Court, which overturned the order, paving the way for a second massive protest in the capital in the space of a month. The first rally on November 14 drew around 60,000 people and saw numerous clashes between protestors and police using water cannon.

On that occasion, Baek Nam-Ki, a 69-year-old farmer, fell into a coma after being knocked to the ground by a water cannon during a clash outside the Jongro District Office. Organisers vowed to mount a peaceful demonstration this time and 300 religious figures including Buddhists, Catholics and Protestants, each carrying a flower, helped prevent protesters from crossing police lines.

While presiding over a government cabinet meeting on November 24, Park described the earlier demonstration as an attempt ‘to negate the rule of law and incapacitate the government’, calling for a crackdown on those who incite ‘illegal, violent protests’. She also called for a ban on the wearing of masks by protesters, saying it was the sort of practice adopted by the Islamic State group, sparking angry reactions from opponents.