The angiography machine installed in Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology (WIC) at a cost of Rs120 million is still non-functional due to delay in the recruitment of an operator.

Recruitment of an operator is discretion of Government of Punjab or the Health Department, said Deputy Medical Superintendent Qazi Ghulam Murtaza.

WIC has completed its one year of functionality with examination and treatment of over 30,000 patients in during the period.

He further said that during one year, 30,000 patients were checked in Outdoor while 20,000 patients were provided ECG facility and 4,000 were given laboratory test facilities. He stated that Rs325 millions has been spent during one year of functionality of WIC for installation of machinery, test lab. equipment, ambulance and medicines.

“Gepco has also exempted WIC from loadshedding after which efficiency of Cardiology Centre has enhanced remarkably”. He said that 18-bed Emergency Ward was operational for three months and 500 patients were examined and provided medical assistance in emergency.

Cattle worth Rs2m stolen

Unidentified rustlers stole 15 cattle heads, worth more than Rs2 million, from 3 cattle-pens while tortured and tied a cattle owner near Ghakka Mitar on Daska Road, 2-km from here the other day.

According to the police source, the unidentified rustlers stormed three cattle-pens known as deras of Bhagowalia after mid night. They lifted 15 cattle heads worth more than Rs2 million and managed to escape the scene. The police said that a buffalo, one cow and a calf were taken from a dera owned by Afzal Cheema, two buffaloes, two cows and some calves were lifted from the dera of Irfan Cheema and two buffaloes and 2 cows were driven from the dera of Asghar Cheema.

It happened that Asghar Cheema was there who attempted to resist the rustlers. The culprits tortured and later tied him with strings. Later, they threw him nearby the cattle-pen.

The Cheema Police Checkpost on Daska Road was informed about the incident but the police have so far to find any clue to the cattle-lifters.

Farmers in the villages along Daska Road are worried about the safety of their cattle as they don’t have any special arrangements for security of their cattle-pens except traditional ways.