KARACHI  - Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar laid foundation stone of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai model graveyard in sector 16-A, Surjani Town near Northern Bypass on Wednesday.

On this occasion, he said that after 28 years new graveyards built and old extended to make space for more 55 thousand graves with estimated cost Rs60million and ten years requirement.

He said KMC got land near Mawach Goth 28 years ago and give to communities and no space for new graves n city graveyard. He said the new model graveyard in Surjani would have capacity of 15 thousand graves on a ten acre land. More five thousand is in Azimpura graveyard and a graveyard at Superhighway link road will also have space for 35 thousand graves.

He said that citizens have difficulties due to no space in graveyards. One phase is completed and work on other phase is underway. He said that drainage for rain water and block and footpath and inner roads and numbering of graves will complete by June 2019. Sewerage line also installed in the Mohammad Shah graveyard and extension of six different graveyards also will soon.

Meanwhile, one month completed of anti-encroachments in city on the directives of the Supreme Court and on Wednesday action in district Malir and Mehran Highway and in Korangi No.4 Mobile Market, Korangi No.5 and all removed from foot path an in L-5 sector North Karachi Masjid-e-Rizwa and health club and other encroachments removed there and in Burns Road encroachments from footpaths removed by the staff.

Metropolitan Commissioner Dr. Syed Saif-ur-Rehman is monitoring all actions against encroachments in the city he said that day and night work is continued to remove the encroachments on the court’s order.

He said KMC and other organizations were doing this operation and on Juna Market and Joria Bazar also removed the encroachments in the streets. He said that shopkeepers remove their belongings from foot paths and road  or these will be seized by the anti-encroachment staff.

In all six districts of Karachi action under the supervisor of senior director anti encroachments Bashir Siddiqui and city wardens and assistant commissioner and local police also taking part in it.