KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Karachi President Khurrum Sherzaman has said that the traders of legal markets become unemployed in the operation against encroachments. PTI has come to power to eradicate poverty, not the poor.

Addressing a press conference at Party Secretariat Insaf House on Wednesday, the PTI leader said: “Our rivals wished to convey the false message to the public that PTI was behind this, it was wrong. We raised our voice against it and told that revenge is being taken from Karachi in the name of Supreme Court of Pakistan’s orders and operation against encroachment. The business community is being destroyed.”

On this occasion, General Secretary PTI Karachi Ashraf Qureshi, Secretary Information Adil Ansari and Women Secretary Fizza Zeeshan were also present.

Sherzaman said: “It was my duty to raise voice against this cruelty as a President of PTI Karachi. The MPAs and MNAs belonging to Karachi met together, approached the Governor Sindh and asked him to request Prime Minster Imran Khan. Governor Imran Ismail went to PM Imran Khan and informed him about the cruelties and hardships suffered by the citizens of Karachi. PM Imran Khan ordered Attorney General of Pakistan to file a review appeal against it.”

The PTI Karachi president said: “It is very good news for the entire Karachi and we are very grateful to PM Imran Khan. We appeal to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to appoint a Nazir to inform him about the cruelties and illegalities that occurred during the operation against encroachments. China Cutting, public parks encroachments, encroachments over welfare plots and unfair constructions of marriage halls should also be taken into notice.”

He added: “Mayor Karachi did not touch any project of former Port and Shipping Minister Babar Ghouri. Sadly, only the poor community and traders were bulldozed. We ourselves are against the illegal encroachments and we stand with Supreme Court orders.”

Sherzaman said: “We request the Sindh government to compensate the public who were destroyed unfairly and they should also be given an alternate location. The stoves of the public homes should go cold.”

General Secretary PTI Karachi Ashraf Qureshi stated: “People were living in an environment of fear and terror before. Now PTI came and removed it all. Sindh Government and MQM are playing a blame game and pointing fingers at one another for the problems of Karachi. PTI wishes to solve all the public problems.”

In response to a question, Khurrum Sherzaman said: “PTI has nothing to do with any illegal works in operation against encroachments. PTI will win the next local government elections from every district and union council. The next Mayor of Karachi will be from PTI.”

He added: “When PTI’s Mayor will come, we will let you know how the problems of water, cleanliness and transport will be solved in Karachi. This is how PTI tells others how to work.”

“The Sindh government is equally responsible as KMC in the operation against encroachments. Karachi is not separate from the Sindh province. Perhaps PPP has decided to think and work as if Karachi is separate from Sindh.”