ISLAMABAD           -        A two-day international conference on “Dawah in contemporary world,” its principles, methodologies and solutions concluded here International Islamic University Islamabad.

The conference was organized by Dawah academy of the university that witnessed as many as 70 papers in nine sessions. The scholars and researchers delivered lectures on exploring Prophetic approach of Dawah , women and Dawah , contemporary sources and tools for Dawah , role of youth in Dawah , impact of business ethics on Dawah  and many other important topics. The conference was addressed by Senator Raja Zafar ul Haq as chief guest who stressed that media must be utilized for promotion of Islamic values and special programs for children must be prepared to make them more interested in the religion.  He said that Islam is most popular religion across the world despite negative propaganda against it.

The event was also addressed by Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology Dr. Qibla Ayaz who spoke on various periods of Muslim history and Dawah. He also discussed role of religious seminaries in sub continent.  Dr. Qibla Ayaz said that this is the age of new colonialism and the world is dependent upon economy of open market.

Dr. Masoom Yasinzi, Rector International Islamic University Islamabad said in his speech that Islam-phobia is spreading due to misconceptions disseminated against Islam.

He said that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism as it is the religion of peace and tranquillity. He urged the educational institutions and media to play role in disseminating true image of Islam.