KARACHI            -           Sindh Minister for Information, Archives and Labour Saeed Ghani has said that the entire nation is suffering owing to the incompetency of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s government.

He said this while addressing a press conference on Thursday. Saeed Ghani raised the question, if according to Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Bazdar was doing a good job, and then he needed to make changes in bureaucracy and police on such a large-scale.

He said that inflation had broken the record of the last nine years. He said that everyone was in trouble, so it had become imperative to get rid of these incompetent people.

Provincial Minister for Information said that the Chief Secretary or the IG Police were not the problem, but it was futile to expect a change when you had an inept person at helm of affairs. He said that improvement in any sector was not possible until inept and incompetent people were removed.

He said that how those who could not make a notification properly would run the country in an appropriate manner. Provincial Minister for Information said that how a government whose ministers did not know the exact prices of tomatoes and peas would control the inflation.

Ghani said that Prime Minister Imran Khan never tired of praising the Punjab government, whereas there were 2085 such health centres in Punjab where even the anti-rabies vaccine was not available. The information minister said that the PTI government had always been critical of Sindh government over the issue of anti-rabies vaccine, even though we had already made them aware of the full details about the availability of the vaccine. He said that in order to get rid of inflation and take the country forward first we had to do away with the incompetent government of PTI.

Ghani said that everyone knew that who selected Imran Khan. Provincial Information Minister said that the issue of the extension of the Chief of Army Staff was of extreme importance. He said that a two-thirds majority was needed to amend Article 243, and if the government was serious on the issue they could have discussed it with the opposition parties.