ISLAMABAD - The parliamentarians from different political parties on Thursday staged a sit-in in front of speaker’s dais against ‘abduction’ of four women from Balochistan province.

The parliamentarians from Balochistan National Party, PPP, JUI-F led by MNA Sardar Akhtar Mengal terming the abduction a condemnable act staged a sit-in.

Mengal said the women were kept in torture cells for three days which he said, was not acceptable. He raised a question as to who was running the affairs in the province.

Lamenting the treatment being meted out to the allies, Mengal threatened to part ways with the ruling party and the government in Centre. He said the allies were not being given due importance in the present setup at the Centre. He vowed to continue the protest until release of the abducted women.

Sardar Akhtar Mengal of BNP-Mengal threatened to quit the ruling alliance if four Baloch women picked up from Awaran district were not released.

“If we resigned from the National Assembly against assassination of Nawab Akbar Bugti then it is not difficult for us to quit the ruling alliance,” he said.

Opposition parties walk out from NA to protest non-implementation on production orders of four detained parliamentarians

He questioned if dictator like Musharraf who played havoc with Constitution could be sent abroad with protocol then why the innocent women could not be released. Mengal regretted that the PTI government had stalled cases of Pervez Musharraf and protecting him who even locked coffins of Baloch leaders.

“If no non-Muslim can be converted to Islam then no Baloch can be made Pakistani forcibly,” he maintained. He regretted that photos of arrested women were released on social media whereas if accused were arrested and produced before media, their faces were covered.

Mengal also raised Balochistan University scandal where cameras were found installed in bathrooms of women hostels. Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri directed interior minister to attend the House and give a statement on arrest of Baloch women. Suri said release of the women be ensured and a report in this regard be presented in the House.

The members of the opposition parties staged walkout from the House as a protest against non-implementation on production orders of four detained parliamentarians. The members belonging to Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNP-Mengal) also joined the walkout after staging the sit-in in protest against the arrest of four women from Awaran district of Balochistan.

Speaking on a point of order, PML-N’s Ahsan Iqbal regretted non-production of four opposition members including Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Asif Ali Zardari, Syed Khurshid Shah and Khawaja Saad Rafique despite the fact that speaker had already issued their production orders.

“Now the situation has become worst as the government has refused to implement speaker’s orders,” he said. He questioned as to who was running the government and how it was functioning when orders of speaker were being ignored.

Ahsan Iqbal pointed out that speaker himself made a call but the Punjab government refused to obey his order. He said they would not become part of proceedings of the National Assembly unless detained members are produced in the House. Ahsan Iqbal said their party members were intentionally being kept out of the House.

He said production orders of Saad Rafique were issued by the speaker but Punjab government didn’t accept the orders. He lamented that production orders of Rana Sanaullah were also not issued by the speaker.

He said PML-N party members will not participate in proceedings until production orders of the arrested party members are issued.

On a question by Abdul Qadir Patel, parliamentary secretary Shoukat Ali expressed ignorance about arrest of Sohail Ayyaz, the main character in DarkWeb scandal.

Sohail Ayyaz is accused of child rape in several cases. On the question of Abdul Qadir Patel the parliamentary secretary said that his case was being heard in Rawalpindi and that he didn’t know if he was arrested.

Shahida Rehmani pointed out lack of facilities at the Parliament lodges. She said that quality of food at the lodges was low upon which the deputy speaker referred the matter to the House Committee.

PPP parliamentarian, Abdul Qadar Patel pointed out lack of quorum in the House. Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri adjourned sitting till Friday after finding required strength of members was not present.