LAHORE - Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that corruption held sway in previous tenures adding that masses had to face consequences of wrong policies of the past rulers.

Talking to different delegations here, he said the PTI government had put the country in the right direction and added that the government’s efforts are aimed at public welfare.

The government, he said, was taking every step for the betterment of the country. He made it clear that PTI had never indulged in the politics of personal interest nor would ever do so in future.  It has, rather, given preference to the national interest, he asserted.

 Usman Buzdar emphasized that the PTI-led government was the most transparent government in the country and further said that transparency had been acknowledged at every level. On the other side, he regretted the elements, being afraid of change, were engaged in useless propaganda against the government.

He asserted that looters were criminals of the whole nation and added that tenure of loot and plunder will never return.

The chief minister said the government had turned the direction of the resources towards the betterment of backward areas.

He regretted the far-flung areas remained deprived of development process due to the wrong priorities of the past. Highlighting the development vision of the PTI government, he said that development projects had been designed keeping in view the genuine needs of the people because PTI believed in the philosophy of holistic development. He maintained that development and prosperity was the fundamental right of the people and disclosed the PTI government has devised a comprehensive strategy to solve problems being faced by the people in their districts.

The government considers resources as a sacred trust of the people and the public mandate will be fulfilled. The government will provide maximum facilities to the people at their doorsteps, he assured. Pakistan is moving towards its destination and masses own the new Pakistan led by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The journey of public service has started and the country is being transformed according to the vision of the founding fathers, the chief minister concluded.