LAHORE – Provincial Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Rana Sanaullah on Tuesday said that dictatorial rules did not allow the wheel of national economy to run smoothly, consequently the nation continues to battle out of the financial crisis.

While talking to a delegation of traders of fruit and vegetable market Sudhar, the Minister said that Pakistan was achieved through a democratic struggle but some forces tried to run it at gun point since inception of Pakistan due to which the economy of the country did not improve. He said that a nation of 18 crore Pakistanis pressed hard by the economic burden looks at the PML-N as its saviour and it will vote this party to power in the general elections to get rid of their problems.

He said that people now, want Pakistan making progress and in an era where basic facilities and justice was available to everyone. He said that politics of public service had earned the PML-N huge popularity and the opponents scared this situation, are employing every means to cause dent to its vote bank but they will not succeed.