BAHAWALPUR - Three kidnappers were killed in exchange of fire with police here late the other night.  According to details, the accused had kidnapped three youths from Pakhiwar area of Bahawalpur on Dec 26, 2012 and had demanded Rs2 million ransom for their release.  For not paying ransom the kidnappers killed one of the abducted youth and two others were later released after payment of Rs 2 million by the family.

The accused were threatening the victim family to withdraw the case against them and on late Monday night they attacked their house but the police on a tip-off reached the scene and an intense exchange of fire took place. In cross-firing all the three attackers identified as Khalil Ahmed, Sajjad and Mustafa were killed on the spot. Police said that the accused were wanted in various cases of robberies, kidnapping for ransom and other crimes.