Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Wednesday emphasized for greater coordination and cooperation among the law enforcement agencies to eradicate the menace of terrorism.

Addressing the passing out parade of ASPs in Islamabad ‚ PM Ashraf said the menace of terrorism threatens our society and its nexus with the crime makes the task of police more challenging. This calls for proactive role by the police to rise to the occasion to nip this evil in the bud.

He urged police to maintain close relationship with the local community as interaction with the community would not only provide police the information about anti-national and anti-social elements but also deny criminals refuge. This is only possible if they are not feared but respected.

The Prime Minister said policing is a dynamic and demanding profession. Keeping in view the challenges‚ old concepts must give way to innovative approach for crime management.

Voicing concerns over poor state of investigation‚ he said those accused of crime are not convicted by courts due to poor and lack of investigation. We cannot allow criminals and terrorists to get away due to lack of our failure to gather information.

He said outdated methods of investigation should be replaced with scientific approach. We need to strengthen forensic capabilities and modernize the investigation process.

Referring to the passage of fair trial bill recently the parliament‚ he expressed the confidence that this will help bring culprits of crime to justice. He said under this bill‚ law enforcement agencies will be further empowered but in no way it will be a license to suppress human rights and human dignity.

The prime minister expressed the confidence that the newly inducted police officials will play their due role in changing the negative perception about police.

Earlier‚ the Prime Minister gave away awards to the outstanding passing out ASPs.