MINCHINABAD - The private schools here are facing difficulties regarding submission of admission forms because of the “inappropriately strict” rules and regulations of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of Bahawalpur.

Besides submission of online admission forms, the board requires copies of these forms, along with manually filled forms and the receipts of fee deposited in the prescribed bank should be verified by the Finance branch before depositing them to the Matriculation Branch. In the modern era, the complicated process of form submission is irritating for the private schools’ administrations.

The representatives of hundreds of private schools have to travel from Minchinabad to Sadiqabad by covering a long distance, besides bearing huge expenditure to get their forms verified. Moreover, at the office, the schools’ representatives from far-flung areas have to bear uncooperative attitude of the board staff. The schools administration officers are of the view the old system to submit forms should be restored to provide relief to them. However, the new system of verification has been introduced when online account sheets are available easily.

PROTEST: Private school owners during a protest demanded resignation of the assistant director of Employees Old-age Benefits Institution Bahawalnagar over his new decision which is “irritating” for school owners.

The protesters black armbands gathered in front of the Minchinabad Press Club and demanded early resignation of the official who has issued a directive regarding registration. They also alleged that the assistant director had demanded heavy bribe which was not affordable for them.