Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf  has expressed deep concern over the new report released by the White House over rendering drone strikes “legal, ethical and wise.”

In a press release issued from the Central Media Cell, Lahore, the party expressed its alarm at the continuing drone strikes and the contemplated increase in them.

“These strikes have not reduced militancy; in fact have been a major stimulant to terrorism” said Chairman PTI Mr. Imran Khan. “This particular fact has even been pointed out by studies carried out by Stanford and New York University law schools. Most neutral observers have also come to a similar conclusion,” he continued.

PTI strongly maintains that these strikes are resulting in innocent deaths while violating international laws and conventions protecting human rights. Drone attacks are a direct infringement of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan. A conservative estimate according to Mr. Khan is that nearly four thousand people have been killed including a large proportion of non-combatants, women and children. By one estimate, over 200 children have so far been killed. These statistics validate PTI’s stance that the ongoing drone attacks violate Pakistan’s sovereignty, kills innocent people and disturb a normal way of living. 

Mr. Imran Khan said that the perception that Pakistan has given a tacit approval of drone strikes in FATA had led to increased terrorist attacks within Pakistan. This perception has led to the creation of a Jihadi narrative where they have been able to paint their struggle against the state of Pakistan as between Islam and infidels. “Unless we get out of this partnership with the United States, hard core militias will keep using it as a motivational tool for preparing suicide bombers.

Nearly forty thousand people have so far been martyred in Pakistan in different suicide attacks.”   Drone strikes he said are the single most visible manifestation of US aggression for the people of FATA which must end.