ISLAMABAD - Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Associations (FAPUASA) has rejected the meeting of Vice Chancellors with the National Assembly Standing Committee on Education and Training on the proposed HEC law held here Tuesday, saying that the VCs are not the sole representatives and stakeholders of universities. It asked the Standing Committee to take into confidence FAPUASA as well while discussing the proposed law. FAPUASA President Kalim Breach, VP Prof. Zahid Majeed and General Secretary Dr Irfana Malah in a joint statement expressed their concerns over the recent developments with regard to HEC.The President of FAPUASA Prof Kalim Ullah said the meeting of all Vice Chancellors called by HEC Chairman in HEC was not justified because VCs are not the only representatives of Universities’ academicians and employees and they are just administrators over there. He also condemned the wastage of public money on collecting VCs and holding the meeting because this money is not to call such meetings.  He stated that during the tenure of HEC Chairman Dr. Javaid Laghari, the universities faced not only financial crises but also academic challenges and HEC officials and even did not visit any university especially in Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber pashtoonkhawa. Prof Kalemm Ullah said the HEC needs to be devolved as per policy of provincial autonomy and the 18th Amendment. And the HEC should decide allocation for each university but the funds should be directly credited by Ministry of Finance to the respective universities and not through HEC. The Vice President of FAPUASA Prof. Zahid Majeed said the federation has already demanded that FAPUASA be made a member of HEC Commission and in the proposed Task Force for HEC.  He further said ‘we will not accept any decision taken by the VCs meeting held in HEC and Standing Committee without the consultation of FAPUASA because the only forum of universities’ academicians is FAPUASA not the administrators of the universities. The FAPUASA will call an urgent General Body meeting on HEC bill issue soon in Islamabad’.The General Secretary of FAPUASA Dr. Irfana Malah also said the body will contact Chairman Standing Committee as well as Minister of Ministry of Education and Training to discuss the FAPUASA apprehensions about the amendments suggested in the new bill.