KARACHI - SITE Association of Industry Chairman Dr Arshad A Vohra said that the ignorance of the authorities to take cognizance of the prevailing issues of Goods Transporters compelled them to go on indefinite strike.

In a press statement issued here on Tuesday, he said the authorities concerned if wished that industries should run, they must take necessary measures to resolve the issues before the stakeholders go on strike.

Vohra demanded the government to intervene immediately and settle the standoff otherwise things may get out of hands. He said that the strike was detrimental for the economy and the standoff should not be prolonged.

He said the importers and exporters faced serious problems in December when a similar strike brought the whole country to a standstill.

The chairman urged the government to resolve the situation immediately as traders, business community and importers and exporters were also concerned because the 13-day strike episode in December caused colossal financial losses to them.

The goods transporters strike would completely halt the export activities besides damaging the industrial manufacturing capacity. Textile export orders worth billions of rupees feared to be lost.

He warned that huge foreign orders would be cancelled due to the strike and this would not only result in huge losses to the exporters but also to the national exchequer.  If the strike prolongs further, this would lead to great loss to the exporters, fearing cancellation of vital orders, they warned.

All textile chain was facing immense problems and economic activities came to a halt in export sector, they said. The goods transport carriers strike would cease business activities as the goods are not reaching the ports, they added.

He stressed the government to take immediate notice of the issues of Goods Transporters and resolve their genuine problems to avoid further disaster to the industries of SITE as well as economy of the country.