KARACHI  - The fire which erupted in a plastic factor in Export Processing Zone (EPZ), Landhi was successfully extinguished by the Fire Brigade after few hours efforts here on Tuesday.

Station Officer, Cattle Colony Fire Station, Landhi, Javed Hassan told APP that total 10 fire tenders participated in the fire controlling operation.

He said the fire was that of second category but it was controlled due to timely response by the Fire Brigade. Javed Hassan said the reason of the fire has not been ascertained so far. No human casualty or injury was reported in the incident as it was a holiday in the factory on account of Kashmir Solidarity Day.

ANF refuses to vacate Housing Ministry’s official residence: Higher officials of Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) have daringly defied directives of the Supreme Court’s orders by refusing to vacate the housing unit of the Housing Ministry

The housing unit, House No 12-A of Bath Island being retained by ANF for 6 months of overlapping time, was leased from Housing Ministry during 2007, during the tenure of then director ANF, Brigadier Karim Bukhari. According to routine procedures, the departing ANF director should have handed over the house to Housing Ministry, but he rather handed over the possession directly to Brigadier M Bashir, who passed it on to his successor Brigadier Muhammad Wajid, who is currently utilizing the premises.

Sources informed that the premises include an extension plot, sized at 4000-5000 square yards, with rent running in thousands, which the ANF has also occupied and use it for parking dozens of its vehicles, without the prior consent of Housing ministry.  The Supreme Court had earlier ruled in favour of the Housing Ministry against petition number 1498/2011, which upheld Housing Ministry’s regulations which allow ISI and Foreign Affairs to transfer the residence to its personnel.

The Housing Ministry’s repeated demands for residence’s utility bills of past 5 years have also fallen deaf ears of ANF, while ANF has been known to have pressurized Housing ministry to transfer the residence to Brigadier Wajid.